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Taste : Citrus, Woody, Herbal

Effects : Energizing & Motivating

Experience : Encourage a bright and positive vibe with this early and positive vibe with this early morning pick me up offering an energetic, clear-headed lift, motivation, and laser-sharp focus.

Minimum Order : 18 Cake Packs 5 Disposables Each Pack


6 reviews for Mimosa

  1. Ivan Gonzalez

    Now ik where to buy

  2. Marnick austi

    The charge did not disappoint me. Always been partial to OG!

  3. Walters E

    Strange mix of Lemon and Strawberry, it works though. Can’t complain about the effect, it’s relaxing!

  4. Alex mox

    Guaranteed good times ahead when you hit this!

  5. Mount

    Got this once when I forgot to bring my device. It works well, lasted quite a bit, enough that it surprised me.

  6. Angela Merkel

    Disposable – grab this
    If you were going the disposable route, this one is your best bet.

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